Leaving Microsoft

I must be crazy! 

Today is my last day at Microsoft. I’ve worked for this company for a little over 10 years.  Just to put that into context, the day I joined, the Windows NT team were having the ship party for Windows NT 4.0.  I remember thinking the party was pretty cool but was honestly a little bummed out because I really wanted to get started coding at Microsoft.  It’s been a wonderful ride from the Windows team to COM+ to the .NET Runtime ending with 6 years in Microsoft Services. Microsoft is a fantastic company to work for.

However, I’ve always wanted to start a company.  If I’m honest with myself, I’m not exactly sure where this lack good judgment comes from.  It’s probably genetic.  My mom and dad are both successful business owners (of separate companies).  So I’ll blame them.  J

Looking forward I will be looking to do technology architecture and strategy consulting to mid tier companies here in the
Salt Lake City, Utah area.  For the first little while I will be working at the LDS Church on a resource scheduling application that has direct impact on the church’s day to day operations.  I’m very excited about it and the opportunity to work at the church.  There are some great things going on there and I feel very privileged to be a part of them.  I also hope to contribute to some community efforts for IT architects and technical leaders here in the area as well. 

My plan is to stay solo.  At least for a while.  Part of what’s driving this for me is my desire to stay technical and thus I really don’t have much aspiration to run a large services organization or body shop.  I have some ideas for some software projects I want to incubate, but my real plan is to develop deep, long term relationships with my customers as a trusted advisor on technology architecture and strategy and help them decide how to best leverage technology in a customized way in the context of their business. 

It would be very ungrateful of me not to thank the family and friends who have been very supportive of me in making this leap.   There’s been advice, many conversations and much encouragement given that I could not have done this without.  Specifically my wife, Tiffany, is incredible, and this whole experience has reminded me again that I’m married to someone way out of my league.

Wish me luck!  I’m scared to death, but too excited to care.  If you want to keep track of what’s going on, watch this blog.  There is also a website with nothing in it yet at www.altimotion.com

11 thoughts on “Leaving Microsoft

  1. Matt,

    We will miss you at the Microsoft. You are following your dream and that is what it is all about. I love you comment that your are scared to death but too excited to care.

    Are you looking to get your managed service business goiong? If you are, keep me updated on your progress. I wish you the very best.

  2. I have no doubt that you will easily develop deep, long term relationships with your clients as a trusted advisor. The honesty, integrity and commitment that you consistently demonstrated in dealing with my organization will serve you well in your new pursuit.


  3. Hey Matt.. here is wishing you the best as you follow your dreams. I have no doubt you have the passion and drive to be successful.


  4. Hey, Matt – good luck on your venture into the world of independence. You’re right, Microsoft is a fantastic company to work for and I absolutely loved my two years there – especially the friendships that were founded and the camaraderie shared. I want to wish you good luck on this venture.

    Have fun – because it is!

  5. Matt

    As usual you make me proud to have you as a son, but also to know you in any capacity. You have always been a joy for me. I am wishing and praying for you. Way to take the leap. You will not look back and say I wish I would have….. Love MOM

  6. Good luck Matt. I really enjoyed working with you back in the COM/COM+ days. Your whole attitude and appraoch to this major leap is inspiring, and I say that realizing full well that I am a couple of decades older than you 😉


  7. Matt –
    I’m so excited for you and your family! You make us all so proud. I’m glad to have you as my brother. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

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